• 131 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JL
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Reviews for Barbican Express a Pizza Takeaway in London

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Best local pizza

Best local pizza

ian young, London at Jan 14, 2022

Best pizza's ever

always on time and best pizza's ever beat alot of other highstreet brand names

sharon wright, London at Nov 17, 2021

Always on point

always on point.. lovley food and good prices. great taste

Nicky Biggs, london at Aug 18, 2021

Always very good

Always very good

philip antrobus, London at Apr 9, 2021

Love the food

Absolutely banging lasagna even at 2am. Lovely delivery man and they even deliver alcohol. What an absolute amazing idea, want one of these near me?. Love the food, banging honestly.

eve rowland, london at Jul 7, 2018


Great customer service. Always on time.

Abby, at Mar 11, 2018


Great customer service. Always on time.

Abby, at Mar 11, 2018

number one

Amazing consistent pizza and good service. My number one choice every time!

LVella, London at Dec 31, 2017

Love the pizza

Love the pizza from Barbican express!

MWong, London at Sep 6, 2017

Delicious old school pizzas

Delicious old school pizzas, and they delivery when they say they will. They are not gourmet, but they sure are tasty Extra toppings are a bit stingy ('extra' pepperoni sometimes gets you two pieces per 12" slice instead of one piece. Sometimes I worry the extra toppings haven't even been added at all). I've had difficulties ordering customised pizzas (i.e. with extra toppings) via the website - I only seem to be able to it via the phone. I asked them and they said it may not be possible via the website. But it's been a while since I tried so they may have fixed it. Give em a shot and and see what you think.

Tim Barber, Angel at Sep 5, 2017

best pizza in London

I will never order from a chain pizza store again after discovering Barbican Express. When people have reviewed it as the best pizza in London they weren't lying!

Zoe, EC1 at May 24, 2017


Best pizza in town.

Shelley, London at Dec 14, 2016

My life is complete

My life is complete

Gabe Oytoucher, Camden at Apr 2, 2015